Soul Care U was birthed out of a desire to create a community learning center for spiritual growth and transformation. Here as an online extension various workshops, seminars, retreats and podcast themes, students have the opportunity to enroll in life enrichment courses across a wide array of topics. These courses are designed to bring unique opportunities for deep, intentional soul work.

Soul Care U offers content and products across the themes of: Spiritual Formation, Epigenetic Trauma Wounds and How To Heal The Generations, Marriage Enrichment Courses, A Woman's True Identity, Grief Recovery Courses, Healing Intimacy Wounds and Restoring Sexual Integrity...and much more.

"‘You have helped transform my life in ways I never thought were possible!’   -Kourtney, Orofino, ID."

What Others Are Saying

 When I finally got the courage (and the pain of living was getting to be too much), to see Christina, I had been struggling with unresolved issues of my heart, that as a Christian, were no longer acceptable to me. After trying “my best” and with multiple counseling over the years, prayers of deliverance, crying out to God, reading the Bible, thinking I was doing all the “right” things, I still wasn’t getting to the root of my issues. Not to say that there weren’t healings and growth. God’s timing for me has been right on time! I was fearful the first time I went to see Christina because I was sure nobody could still like me, let alone love me when they heard my nasty garbage. I’m happy to say that even after my first session there was such a relief and I knew that in order to grow I must have the courage to trust God and Christina to lead me to the discovery of who God says I am and to experience the mysteries of how God reveals himself. I’m not totally there yet, but what a magnificent plan God is revealing to me and His word says He will never leave me nor forsake me. It’s beautiful, messy, hard and rewarding, this process of becoming totally free and I’m beginning to realize just how much Jesus loves me. He loves you too more than you can even imagine. He longs for relationship and intimacy with His children.
-Dawn, Kooskia, ID

I asked for help with my journaling. Christina gave me tools, direction and insight. She taught me how to use what I journal to bring change. But more than that, Christina has shared her love and her heart as she challenged me to risk everything as I follow Christ; to move beyond my comfort zone; to become who God created me to be. As a result, my relationship with Jesus is growing deeper! -Deb, Orofino, ID

“Christina, how do I describe the pure joy and freedom that you helped me to receive through your ministry. Not knowing what was holding me back, not knowing why I felt imprisoned within myself, not knowing why my soul was in turmoil. Your kind, soft words of prayer, emotional support and love, released my emotions and let God back in to do what he does best, Heal. I can never thank you enough, Never. Just know that I will always be grateful to God our Father, for bringing you into my life, when I had just about lost hope. Thank you from my entire heart. You truly were my gift from God.”-Carrie, Orofino Idaho. 

“I have benefited IMMENSELY from my “Soul Care” sessions with Christina Dammerman! It has been a “lifeline” for me!!! WHEN I began, I felt like “a dead person,walking”! Through her guidance, and prayer support, I am reconnecting with dreams and desires from my childhood; and God is resurrecting vision within me!!!-Jan, Kamiah, ID

“Christina Dammerman has guided me through some really amazing SoulCare sessions. She has helped me to learn to take a step back and let God work in my life. She has helped me to once again see that God has a purpose in everything that happens in my life and my job is to ask what I am learning from even the most difficult situations. She has guided me through the lies that satan has placed in my life making me feel ugly and worthless and truly unlovable. When Christina walks into the room you can see the light spilling out of her and the presence of the Holy Spirit.”-Angela, Orofino, ID

Soul Care Coaching

Schedule personal Soul Care Life Recovery Coaching Sessions to help you go deeper in your soul work. Experience the benefits of a compassionate coach walking with you in your own unique journey of healing.

A 21 Day Devotional Journey

A 21 Day Devotional Journey, meant to companion you on your own "In-Treat". Journey through the uncomfortable space of the "between". The not yet, but the now otherwise known as the waiting.

Hi, I’m Christina Dammerman

I am a seasoned Soul Care Advocate, Bible Study and Ministry Leader, Author, Conference Speaker and Life Recovery Coach in the beautiful Clearwater Corridor of Idaho. I have a passion to see transformation in the lives of those I have the privilege of ministering to. My new online school, Soul Care U has given me the opportunity to creatively develop several courses, group studies, webinars and mini-conferences to help equip us to break down the walls of shame and press into our individual and very unique identity in Christ.

It is this focus of the indwelling life of Christ, the true well spring, that prompted the formation of Soul Care U as the teaching, equipping, and resource arm of my coaching practice: It is my sincere desire that the outflow of time spent in these courses will truly help hearts to heal and lives to be restored through the power of the grace of God freely given in Jesus.